Remain hidden from view when having online therapy

Only using your voice when having therapy can help you feel less exposed

If I said that there is a way of experiencing therapy that can increase the chances of dealing with a person’s challenging traumas and painful emotions and promote a positive outcome, what would you think?

Maybe you’re thinking it’s just another therapist, making promises they can’t keep?

I would not blame you for thinking that, in my opinion, many ideas in therapy sound like, and sometimes are, rehashed ideas, trying to stand out from the others. However, they generally add more choices for people to try, which’s usually a good thing.

Only using voice for online therapy can be very effective.

Like everything else in the world of therapy, it’s not going to be suitable for everyone, and that’s one of the reasons I provide a free therapy session. Still, it is worth considering, especially when I tell you that after seeing hundreds of clients after ten years working as an online therapist. I have noticed some of the unique advantages of using only sound over video sessions.

working as an online therapist

It can help many people overcome high levels of anxiety when having therapy. In my experience working as an online therapist, voice-only therapy sessions have helped lots of people start therapy sooner. While also helping them progress faster.

It started to be noticed by myself while providing online video sessions. I often detected that using video became impractical due to a bad connection (not so common today). We moved to only using sound by turning off the video. The client usually became more relaxed and expressive and apparently was able to explore their emotional content in a less inhibiting manner.

An important difference

After such sessions, I started to inquire about the important difference between the two methods for them. The feedback was usually comparable in that they felt more able to talk freely, more relaxed and less stressed during the session, or less anxious when talking about themselves. This seemed more noticeable with clients in the early stages of therapy and less so with clients I had seen for more than 4 sessions.

So, it appeared to me that my clients, when starting therapy, especially those who had never had therapy before, usually find it to be a more emotionally comfortable and a less stressful experience when not visible to the therapist.

Obviously, the new clients who requested sound only therapy sessions and did not require video usually found it felt less anxious. The difference between the two methods, video and voice only, becomes more noticeable when dealing with serious levels of trauma and abuse, not forgetting that some people will always prefer using video when having therapy online.

Using online therapy to overcome fear

Starting therapy can be difficult. For some people almost impossible. The anxiety involved can make sitting in front of someone and talking about themselves tough. Quite often, it is only when the emotional distress becomes unbearable that they manage to enter therapy.

Unfortunately, by that time, the added damage to their lives can make any recovery take longer, just like when someone keeps putting off seeing their dentist due to fear, their teeth can become neglected, and the damage can go unnoticed until they develop a toothache. Only when the pain gets so intense does it overcome their fear of going to the dentist for help, but that often means that there is a lot more treatment needed and time required to fix the problems.

Remaining hidden from

So, I discovered that remaining hidden from view can help people feel less exposed. Still, there is another side, maybe not so obvious, but just as important, everyone’s different, unique in so many ways. For example, some people love to watch movies or TV. Others would prefer reading books to seeing films.

When you read a book, you have to build the images and characters in your own mind. So you become the director, film crew, special effects artist and create everything yourself in your imagination. Maybe that’s why some people who like reading a lot want to use sound only, And not engaging with video helps them connect to themselves at a deeper level.

Close your eyes and open your mind

Most people can better understand their inner world, thoughts, feelings, and inner connection if you close your eyes. It’s as if you close the windows looking out, and you can only see within, or have you noticed that when people think really hard, they often close their eyes, cutting out any distractions.

When having therapy without sound, it can be a bit like closing your eyes, a bit like looking inward and engaging with your inner world. It is also essential when doing meditation or using hypnosis. You can even close your eyes having therapy with no one watching; who would know?

As always, it depends

Suppose you are finding it hard to start therapy or find the support you need. Even if you would prefer to have therapy in the traditional face to face method, having online therapy and only using sound can be a stepping stone to getting what you want.

Many people have used my online service to gain confidence before moving to in-person sessions with a therapist near them. Unfortunately, I can’t promise it will help, as always. With any questions about therapy, those two little words are always relevant. “It depends”, as always, on anything to do with therapy. The only way to find out if it works for you is to try it for yourself. And discover what is possible for you.

What equipment do you need?

It would help if you had a microphone and headphones, but there are several options you can use. You do not have to buy expensive equipment; in fact, a combined mic and headphones called a headset can be very reasonable. The price can be around £15.00 for a cheap but usable choice. I would recommend spending about £25.00 to £35.00 for a headset, or more if you want excellent quality sound.

You can use a desk mic combined with separate headphones or earbuds. But I would not recommend using the main speakers on your phone or computer, leading to other people overhearing the conversation. Especially if your hearing is not very good, requiring you to turn up the sound so you can hear what’s being said.

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