Website Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy
This web-based therapy service is dedicated to guaranteeing that your privacy is protected and any personal information is never given to any other person or organisation.

All information regarding the therapy session is not recorded by me, and no information is kept.

The only information I hold on my computer systems is your email address and any contacts stored on Skype Vsee or Wire, this information is removed after therapy ends or 3 months has passed with no contact, your contacts may be retained if you have asked for your information to be kept for a future return to therapy.

Your email address is not used for any other reason than to contact you about any necessary session appointments or changes.

No personally identifiable information is sent via email, no information about any personal subject is transmitted by email.

Email is used to inform, confirm and change appointment times and answer pacific general questions about the service or payments.

Any information personal to you that is held by me. Such as your email address, is destroyed after a term of three months if we have had no contact unless you have requested a continuation at a later date.

Application Form
The application form used on this website is separated from this website, and all information is kept on a secure server hosted on the Cognito form servers, providing a high level of data encryption. https://www.cognitoforms.com
No application form information is stored on this website or with any online therapy service computer systems.

The only identifiable information recorded is your email address, the name provided in the form is not required to be correct and a made-up name is often used to protect peoples identities.

Your email address and payment details may be held on PayPal’s secure billing and payment system as a record of any payments made. Any bank transfers will also be kept on their secure banking system.

What website information is collected.
I use Google Analytics to try and understand which pages are being used.
This helps me to evaluate anonymous data about web traffic to web pages.
This data is held by Google analytics and kept for a total of 14 months after that time it is destroyed.

This website and the computer systems of online therapy services use a range of the latest updated software and hardware to keep all data secure.

Links to other websites
This website may show some links to other relevant information kept on different websites, we have no control over any other websites privacy rules, and you should make yourself aware of their privacy policy.

This website does not contain any advertisements or use tracking software for advertising companies.

This website will never sell, distribute, lease, or make available your personal information to anyone else.

This website may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page to ensure that you are content with any alterations.
This policy is valid from this day.

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