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Your confidentiality with online therapy

This online therapy service takes all necessary precautions to strive to protect your privacy.

You need to be aware that there is no such thing as total online security. All anyone can do is to reduce the risk to an acceptable level by using best practices and utilising hardware and software security where applicable.

Any storage Information is kept to a minimum, and all information is kept encrypted with no unencrypted paper copy’s stored. All Computers and other devices have anti-virus and hard and software firewalls installed; there are daily checks for any program or system updates. All passwords used are long and robust, and the websites privacy policy and terms and conditions also clarify how privacy and confidentiality are handled.

Even though the first session is free, there is no difference regarding the level of confidentiality.

 No confidential or private information is transmitted via unencrypted emails.

    • The therapy service does not record any video or sound from any therapy sessions.
    • No information is given to any person or organisation without a client’s explicit consent in writing.
    • Any contact from an individual or organisation, asking for any client information, or attempting to discover if the client is or has ever had therapy, will be disregarded; if possible, the client will always be kept informed of any requests received by third parties.
    • For any new clients who tell me that a current or an old client has recommended this service, I will always tell them that I never confirm or deny a person or has ever been a client of this therapy service. Any further or persistent requests for information, I will respond by ending the session.
    • After therapy has ended, all information is destroyed securely, and no files will remain. The exception is the payment information kept by my PayPal merchant account; I cannot remove such information.

Your responsibilities

As a client, you will also need to be aware that no security is unbreakable, and you need to take steps to safeguard your Computer equipment and other devices and your online accounts as far as it is possible to do so. If you record the therapy sessions, you need to understand how to encrypt the files.

If you are unsure about this topic, please ask about this in the first session.

Limits to confidentiality

There are legal and ethical limitations to the confidentiality between client and therapist, where the therapist may have to inform the police or relevant authorities they include:

    • You indicate a serious intention to harm yourself or someone else.
    • You indicate that you are about to commit a serious criminal offence or have been involved in such a crime, such as murder, robbery, rape.
      You tell me you or other people are involved in terrorist activities.
    • You tell me that you are engaged in current child abuse or are a serious risk to vulnerable adults or children.
      Whether it involves you or someone else, all counsellors are bound by law to break your confidentiality, for example, if ordered to do so by a court of law.
    • If an ethical issue involving an unidentifiable and untraceable client becomes known, therapy will be terminated at that point.
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