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Free online therapy session

Why should the first therapy session be free?

Until a therapist meets or can talk to the potential client starting online therapy, it is difficult to assess or check for ethical issues. As a prospective client, you also need the time to get to know your therapist before making any monetary commitment.

It also seems unfair that the client may be expected to pay for a session to find that they do not bond with the therapist. Or are informed by the therapist that they cannot take them on as a client due to a contra indicator and other valid reasons.

That’s why, unlike many therapists, I adhere to a way of working I call the cognizance therapeutic principle, which ratifies that it is unethical to charge for the first therapy session. From that day, I have never have done so.

Questions that may help

The questions found here may help you reflect on yourself and your life, and help me understand what’s important to you. It is perfectly ok if you do not want to do this.

    • What’s, is your life like right now?
    • Has your life changed much in the last few years?
    • How does it feel to be you right now?
    • What is your most common thought?
    •  What stops you, or who is stopping you from making the changes you want to make? 
    • If you could change your life for the better, what would you change?
    • What are your personal goals you hope to achieve with therapy?
    •  If you could change just one thing about you or your life, what would it be?
    •  How would you gauge the success of this or keep track of changes, even small ones?
    • If you cannot solve this problem or issue, what could you do to help you move forward?

 Name four regrets you have about yourself or your life.

Name the worst and best experiences you have had in life.

Why you need a free session

How are you going to know if the online therapist is right for you unless you get the option to talk to them before starting therapy?

People like you and me have one thing in common, we are complex individuals, with our own internal world reacting to the external world in our own unique way, and how we feel about people can be influenced by a number of possibilities, both known and unknown, you may have noticed how you can bond very quickly with one person you just met, but not feel comfortable with another, so until you actually talk to the therapist you are not going to discover if you will feel able to trust or have confidence in their abilities.

Are you wasting time?

Just thinking you may grow to like the therapist in time, or you just need to give them a chance, can indeed work, but how many sessions will it take? Three, seven, ten, maybe never, and that can be a lot of time and money that could have been spent with someone you can work with.

In my experience some people spend more effort choosing what film to watch than what therapist to chose, some people especially those with low self-esteem feel they have no choice, and just continue with a therapist they don’t like.

As a client you have the power to hire and fire, just like hairdressers, you can find a new one if you are not happy, you are actually in charge, not the therapist, sometimes you just need to remember that and move on, no need to tell them why just move on and find a new therapist, one if you find it hard to talk about it.

Remember who’s needs come first