Author: Adrian Yates

    • Does meditation help emotional issues?

      Is meditation helpful for emotional issues? We live in a world of quick-fix expectations; we are raised in the modern world to expect that whatever your problem is, you can find a pill to fix it. And people are often in a hurry to deal with any illness or emotional problem quickly, especially when constantly […]

    • Counselling for grieving pet owners

      Pet loss counselling When your much-loved pet dies the emotional impact can be devastating, indeed the word pet almost seems to demean the relationship. They can become much more than just pets, indeed they become part of the family unit, and their loss is often felt deeply by everyone within the family. Even when children […]

    • Is anger management a failed method?

      Is anger management worthwhile? This is a short, simplistic view about what is an extraordinarily complex subject. I must admit that I’m not too fond of the term anger management. To me, if you must actively manage your anger daily, you have failed to address the underlying reasons that are driving the emotional overreaction. I […]