Therapy can change lives, can it change yours?

Professional online therapy service

For over ten years, this online therapy service has provided professional online counselling and psychotherapy that focuses on the client’s needs, with a client-orientated approach.

My name is Adrian Yates I have been a therapist for sixteen years and I understand that many people often find themselves trying to manage the sometimes-very traumatic past life experiences and emotionally painful moments without the support they need.

This online therapy service has assisted hundreds of people over the last eleven years to find the support they needed when trying to deal with problems like depression, anxiety, trauma, and many other emotional issues.

looking for a professional therapist, you can talk to online using your phone, personal computer, or another type of device?
In need of a confidential therapy service that offers flexible weekend and evening appointments at a very competitive rate wherever you are in the world?
Trying to find an experienced confidential, respectful caring and supportive therapist to help you make the changes you need?

First Session

Try a free online therapy session and discover if this therapy service is right for you with no obligation to continue.


Flexible payment options based on ability to pay and reduced rates for unemployed and students.

Ethics & Ethos

This professional online therapy service follows and adheres to the cognizance therapeutic principle.

Voice Sessions

Stay hidden from view and use your voice with no camera to make you feel exposed when having therapy. Many people find this way of having online therapy helps them talk openly about personal issues.

Video Sessions

Many people like to use video to see and talk to a therapist when having online therapy sessions wherever you are in the world you can use your camera on your mobile device or computer.


Unsure if this will work for you? If you want more information, try joining and asking on the added support forums.

It may help.

Find the right therapist

Man sitting at desk looking out of window being reflective in thought
Talk from the comfort of your own home
managing stress
Finding the right therapist can take time

People can often find it hard to find the right online therapist they feel comfortable with, and some chose a therapist only to discover they do not feel able to open up to them or talk freely wasting time and money.

Finding an online therapist, you can work with is an important choice, and it is in your best interests to discover as much information as possible before making any financial commitment.

Because you are seen as an important individual to be respected and treated fairly, the free online therapy session given to you is not seen as wasted time, but an important element for you to use to help you make the right choice.

Giving plenty of time for you to talk to the online therapist is important to help you make an educated choice. and it is in everyone’s best interest if you are not pressured to do so.

At the end of the session, you are asked to think it over and contact me within a few days if you wish to continue. No pressure to book a session then.

This therapy service understands that it is to everyone’s benefit that you make the right choice even if that means saying no.

computer used for finding a therapist online

Dealing with flawed thinking? Self-defeating behaviors?



No automatic charges for missed therapy sessions

There are several important considerations to consider as a therapist before charging a client who has missed a session. Or when the client informs the therapist with no real notice, that they cannot attend.

In my opinion, to automatically charge them is not just disrespectful but can be seen as intolerance and a punishment. This can be very unwise when supporting people online who are in distress or helping people who have complex emotional issues disrespectful but can be seen as intolerance and a punishment. This can be very unwise when supporting people online who are in distress or helping people who have complex emotional issues.

Some example issues supported by this online therapy service

Abuse Recovery

 Help to recover and support dealing with the after-effects of surviving all kinds of abusive experiences

Anxiety Problem

Practical and emotional support with all kinds of different anxiety issues from Gad to Social anxiety

Depression support

A personal and tailored approach to help you tackle your depression on your terms in your time.

Managing Stress

Everyone deals with stress in their own way, but it is not often the correct way and can make it worse.

Relationships Issues

Relationships are complex, and sometimes a bit of insight can go a long way towards fixing any issues.

Self-esteem Issues

Problems with low self-esteem can cripple your life, and therapy can often help improve the issue.

Divorce & Separation

Divorce or separations can be life-changing events. Is all hope lost? Maybe not.

Eating Disorders

Your friends and family cannot seem to help therapy may be another option you can try.

Trauma & PTSD

Experiences leading to trauma and developing into PTSD are better understood today.

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